Meet Dudley Rauch, the School's Largest Scholarship Donor

Meet the man behind the single largest commitment for financial aid ever made to the School of Medicine — $30 million to establish an endowment for need-based financial aid for medical students.

Dudley Rauch, an alumnus with deep ties to Duke, established the first all-inclusive scholarship in the School of Medicine in 2013. In early 2018 he began discussions with university and school leaders about opportunities to make an even more transformational gift for financial aid. Those talks were cut short when Rauch unexpectedly died in July of 2018. Now, the Rauch Family Foundation has completed the work he began.

“Investing in young people at Duke University School of Medicine is an extremely worthwhile investment,” Rauch said in 2017. “It’s wonderful to be able to give money away and know that it will have a positive impact. My hope is that other alumni will reflect upon what a Duke education and the Duke imprimatur on their degrees has meant to their success, and will consider giving back as well.”