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Collier Hart riding a toy horse

The odds were against Collier before he was even born. Prenatal tests at Duke Children’s showed a problem with his lungs, and when his mother went into premature labor, the neonatology team was ready. Collier arrived at 32 weeks weighing 4 pounds, 3 ounces—and he was crying. No one expected him to be able to cry. Collier was quickly taken away to be placed on a ventilator.

personal attension

Five years after surgery to treat prostate cancer, Steele Dewey of Charlotte, North Carolina, was told in 2010 that cancer had spread, so he and his wife, Molly, decided to seek advice at an academic medical center.

24 years and counting

A large number of options for advanced prostate cancer is what drew James "Jimmy" Barnes to Duke Cancer Institute, after having been treated at UNC-Chapel Hill for more than a decade.

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