Endowment Giving

Gifts to endowments create perpetual funding that support Duke Health’s core priorities and programs. They are among the most far-reaching philanthropic investments a donor can make.


Endowed professorships are Duke Health's most prestigious faculty appointments. Because they recognize both exceptional achievement and the potential for future achievement, they are awarded to our most distinguished physician-scientists and clinicians, as well as to junior faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary scholarship in advancing medical science and human health.

Meet the holders of Duke University School of Medicine Named Professorships

Financial Aid

Duke University Schools of Medicine and Nursing seek the brightest students from around the world. These promising students possess vision, talent, creativity, and a passion for learning, leadership, and service. For many students, scholarship support can make all the difference in being able to pursue the highest quality health sciences education at Duke.

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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Fellowship programs at Duke University School of Medicine offer outstanding medical training for physicians and graduate students who are interested in developing clinical experience or pursing advanced research in a specific area or subspecialty. Endowed postdoctoral fellowship funds provide support to these advanced learners.

Research Funds

In the School of Nursing, researchers train future nurses in the development and translation of knowledge to improve health. In the School of Medicine, researchers have made significant medical and biological discoveries that have resulted in innovative new treatments for a wide range of human diseases. Research endowment funds provide a sustainable source of support for these critical efforts.

Operating Support

Duke University Schools of Medicine and Nursing, and their many departments, divisions, and centers, rely on unrestricted operating support to further their missions. Operating endowments are used to support the areas of greatest need including research priorities, additional scholarship support, and other special projects, at the discretion of the Deans or other leaders.

How Endowments Work

Learn more about how endowments work.

Your Donations Make a Difference

Care, heal, teach, discover—that’s what your gifts empower Duke Health to do. Your generosity keeps us vigilant and innovative, able to take on urgent challenges and promising opportunities.