Meeting in the Middle

For Jane Trinh, MD’02, HS’02-’06, and her husband, Peter Grossi, MD’02, HS’02- ’08, Duke University School of Medicine was the place where they met in the middle. She came north from her native Louisiana, and he came south from the Washington, D.C., area. Their paths crossed as first-year medical students. They got married just after graduation, and after a short honeymoon, they both returned to Duke for their residencies and then faculty positions.

Jane Trinth“We always say Duke is our happy medium,” says Trinh. “We met that first year and have tracked side by side ever since. We chose Duke for medical school, we chose Duke for residency, and we chose Duke for our careers.”

Trinh is now an associate professor of internal medicine and pediatrics and serves as associate program director of Duke’s Med-Peds Residency Program. Grossi is an assistant professor of neurosurgery and practices at Duke Health Raleigh.

Trinh and Grossi are generous supporters of the Davison Club.

August 23, 2018